Match report V6 - Excelsior'31 17

Match report V6!


Drienerlo V6 – Excelsior 31’ 17

            On a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon, the boys from Drienerlo V6 took on Excelsior 31’ 17 in an away game at the Sportspark in Rijssen. After suffering back to back defeats in the first 2 games of the season, the boys were geared up for a tough afternoon. After training together for a few weeks now, the team was much more prepared than last time. The team lined up in a 4-4-2 formation.

            Once the match began, the initial few minutes were pretty equal and both teams looked calm and were not rushing for the ball. The V6 midfield and defense was playing strong and looked comfortable. However suddenly in the early part of the first half, the opposing team was attacking and the midfielder sent through an early pass which was clearly offside. The linesman waved the flag but the referee decided to ignore the linesman’s decision and the opposing team scored. There were a few obvious complaints but the referee stood by his decision. 1-0 to the home team. After the goal, the V6 still was playing strong. A few attacks were made down the right flank however with no result. In an attack, the V6 left midfielder did some nice work down the left side and was inside the 6 yard box. But he had a narrow angle to shoot from and the shot was saved by the home goalkeeper. The V6 goalkeeper was called into action a few times however there was no real scare. As the first half went on, the home team kept pressing and eventually got another breakthrough. The striker got a trough on goal and the V6 goalkeeper rushed off his line. The striker had an easy finish. 2-0 to the home team. The match continued and unfortunately one of the V6’s key central midfielder had to go out injured with a groin strain. There was another chance for the visitors and the striker had a shot on target. He tried to chip the keeper but the keeper saved it and it went over the crossbar. Home team kept attacking down the left flank and the V6 goalkeeper was again called into action a few times. In the latter part of the first half, the V6 skipper had a go at goal from distance. It was almost 1 goal back for the visitors but the crossbar kept it out. The V6 central defenders stood strong and a lot of attacks were nicely defended. During the last part of the first half, the home team had a corner and nobody was guarding the V6 back post. The home team striker had an easy tap in at the back post. 3-0 to the home team at half time.

            At the start of the second half, the visitors tried to start strong with a lot of attacks being defended and trying to create a few opportunities of their own. The home team already settled into the game with 3 goals of their own looked calm and composed. The home team kept attacking and got the breakthrough twice down the right side. The striker was sent through on goal twice and both times he made no mistake. By that time it was already 5-0 to the home team and the visitors were mostly exhausted and without motivation. The visiting team kept trying to attack through the right side and created a few chances of their own. The striker got clear on the right side and had a shot however it hit the crossbar. 2 more goals were conceded the home team was already 7-0 up by now. In the end they kept attacking down the middle and the home team captain had a shot from outside the D area. Another goal, 8-0 to the home team. The referee blew the whistle then and the match ended. 8-0 the final score to the home team and another defeat for the Drienerlo V6 boys.

2018-10-30 17:46:58
2018-10-30 17:46:58
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