Match report V4 - Glanerbrug

Match report of V4 against Glanerbrug, written by Jelle Schoppink.

Veld 4 wins important match against Glanerbrug (2-0).


On Saturday 20 October, the 4th team of Drienerlo played an home match against Sportlust Glanerbrug 4. The preparation was the typical preparation of a match in the basement division. At the agreed meeting time of 11:00, only 8 players were in the canteen. After 15 minutes 13 players were present and we went to the dressing room. For the first time this season we didn’t have to draw lots to decide who would be the goalkeeper, as Patrick of the 2nd team was kind enough to join us.

Thomas and Jonathan were still not present and captain Thijs could not reach them. For some reason Jonathan thought the match was moved to another date, and Thomas was just late. This made it easy to decide who would be the substitute.

Drienerlo started the match very poor. The fourth team was scared of the physical play of Glanerbrug. After 10 minutes, we found out that Ties had drunk a few beers too many on Friday evening, and he had to be substituted as he almost puked on the pitch. Daan was subbed in and his presence helped Drienerlo play with more faith. In the 15th minute, Drienerlo got a free kick just outside the box. Paul claimed the free kick and he curled it towards the second post. Daan head the ball back to Hugo, who could easily head it in the goal. 1-0 Drienerlo. The crowd went wild. Even the parents of the Mbappé from Drienerlo 4 were present and could not contain themselves. Glanerbrug went to the referee to complain about the free kick, in the same fashion as they usually complain about the asylum seekers and the government.

Just when everyone thought that Thijs would play more than 20 minutes once, one of the midfielders of Glanerbrug tackled Thijs and he had to leave the field with another injury. Unfortunately we didn’t bring the stretcher, so Thijs had to man-up and leave the pitch all by himself.

After a nice cup of tea, Drienerlo started the 2nd half just like the beginning of the match: poor and afraid of Glanerbrugs’ physical game. After a while the referee finally intervened and gave the number 13 of the construction workers a yellow card. One man up, Drienerlo dominated on the pitch and had a few chances. Only in the 75th minute, striker Stefan got the ball on a counter attack, and could turn and give a through ball on Thodoris, who could go one-on-one to the goalkeeper, and didn’t fail. 2-0.

After the final whistle, the students took a long shower with lots of half liters from de Klok before going upstairs to the canteen to drink a few more. Next Wednesday, Drienerlo will play an away match against Victoria ’28 3. With a win against the players from the south of Enschede, Drienerlo will take over the 2nd place. So please all come and join us for support us at 20:00!


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