Hall of Fame

These are the former TISC champions and who knows, maybe your team will be next!

2018 Financial university (RUS) Adam Mickiewizc University (POL) Drienerlo legends (NED)
2017 Financial university (RUS) Kalingrad State Technical uni. (RUS) Eredivisie-ervaring (NED)
2016 Adam Mickiewics University (POL) Kalingrad State University (RUS) Baltic Sea Academy (RUS)
2015 Baltic Sea Academy (RUS) KWW '78 (NL) Adam Mickiewizc University (POL)
2014 Etyfoor (NL) Morado CF (NL) Baltic Sea Academy (RUS)
2013 MORADO Nijmegen (NL) Baltic Sea Academy (Rus) DZG/Eredivisie Ervaring (NL)
2012 Baltic Sea Academy (RUS) Lozenetz United (BUL) DZG (NL)
2011 Drienerlo 1 (NL) MESI (Rus) Baltic Sea Academy
2010 MESI (Rus) Lozenetz United (Bul) Drienerlo 1 (NL)
2009 Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NL) Lozenetz United (Bul) AZS Poznan 1 (Pol)
2008 Godenzonen (NL) ATISO (Rus) (=MESI) Sluzew (Pol)
2007 Drs. Vijfje (NL) KWW '78 (NL) AZS Poznan (Pol)
2006 MESI (Rus) Poznan (Pol) Camelot (Mol)
2005 MESI (Rus) Lozenetz United (Bul) Twente Hogerop (NL)
2004 F.C. Chamelot (Mol) MESI (Rus) Enschede (NL)
2003 Moscow (Rus) Wroclaw (Pol) Székesfehérvar (Hun)
2002 Budapest (Hun) Cracow (Pol) Lozenetz (Bul)
2001 Poznan (Pol) Yerevan (Arm) Cracow (Pol)
2000 Poznan (Pol) Wroclaw (Pol) Cracow (Pol)
1999 Grodno (Bls) Wroclaw (Pol) Zoubr (Ukr)
1998 Ostrava (Cze) Grodno (Bls) Tel Aviv (Isr)
1997 Grodno (Bls) Tampere (Fin) Plzen (Cze)
1996 Tel Aviv (Isr) Enschede 2 (NL) Poznan (Pol)
1995 Tel Aviv (Isr) Poznan (Pol) Enschede (NL)
1994 Miskolc (Hun) Poznan (Pol) Aachen (Ger)
1993 St. Dorogi (Bls) Mogilev (Bls) Enschede (NL)